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HORIKAWA, KODO (1894- 1980)

Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu Kodo Kai

Born in Kitami, Hokkaido, began training in Daito ryu May 12, 1914.

Established the Daito ryu AikiJujutsu Kodo Kai in 1950.

Kodo Horikawa began training under his father (Taiso Horikawa) and then directly under Sokaku Takeda.

Taiso Horikawa fisrt met Sokaku in 1912 on a train in Hokkaido.

Sokaku told Kodo that he needed to master the techniques of "Aiki" due to his short stature. Sokaku instructed him in mostly the Aiki principles.

Horikawa Kodo's techniques became to be known as "very subtle, effective, and strong.

In 1930 Horikawa Kodo received the certification for Dairi Kyoju (Acting Instructor).

One year later, he received the Hiden Mokuroku (Secret Essence). A short time after that he received the certificate for the Hiden Okugi Mokuroku (Secret Essence of Mysteries) and Hiden Aiki Okugi Mokuroku (Secret Essence of Aiki).

In 1974 he received the Eisei Meijin (Order of Eternal Mastership) which is the highest title in Budo society.

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